Monday, August 20, 2012

Forcible Rape - Be Ye Not Fooled

If fundie fucktards can, through misinformation or legislation, convince or force enough people to believe that "legitimate" rape never results in pregnancy, then there is no need for an abortion exception for ANY rape at all.

Think about how scary that is. It's like stacking the deck in their misogynistic anti-abortion strategy, because this means that in any instance in which a pregnant girl or woman sought abortion services while claiming she had been raped, the entire process would continue to victimize her to the extent that we would have to assume that she was lying about having been raped.

See? Pregnancy would become the telltale sign that she was lying, in very much the same way that Pinocchio's nose grew when HE told a lie.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Romney Distractions

Hey Mitt! Give us your tax returns!

Wait, VP pick? What VP Pick?

You know, Mitt, your dad said releasing lots of tax returns was a good thing to do...

Oh hey, maybe he'll pick Pawlenty!

Reid says some other guy said Romney didn't pay any taxes for like a decade!

Reid's such a liar, put up or shut up, and I'll announce my Veep pick on this app so that only the people with the app will know my Veep pick for the first 3 seconds after I announce it.

There's a super-duper simple way to clear the air (and it DOES need clearing) on the whole tax thing, Mitt...

Pawlenty? Pawlenty who?

 -  - - - - - - - - -

Romney can do this for another few weeks, max. Just hang in there, and have confidence that the tax thing will not be allowed to die.